Food Tours

Oh so tasty...

—Xavier D. Buendia


Branding & Strategy

Visual Identity

Web Design (Webflow)

Print & Apparel

After 3 successful years of introducing happy customers to the boutique makers and foodies of Brighton, BFT wanted to overhaul their branding to better connect with their diverse and growing customer base.

After discussing goals, ambitions and opportunities we reviewed how customers were currently interacting with the brand. It was apparent that there was a real opportunity to provide a richer experience.

We identified Brighton's independent spirit and the diversity of the vendors as key design themes. The branding would need to appeal to a varied audience, and with tours available to both public and corporate groups, be flexible enough to sit in both settings.  

To ensure the branding struck this balance, our research covered a wide range of sources including the food and drink industry, producers and community/hub focussed organisations too.

We explored typographic treatments and design styles before settling on a colour palette including some strong tones and brighter, punchier accents, food inspired illustrative elements and a simple circular logotype to tie it all together.

Result: The new brand and custom website (built in Webflow) received great feedback from customers and vendors alike, the BFT team feel more confident and professional while the website has seen an increase in orders and positive feedback.