WordPress Awards


Visual Identity

Web Design


The IWP Awards is a non-profit organisation for the WordPress community, providing a way to recognise and celebrate the highest achievements in the industry.

Pragmatic (the award founders) asked us to develop an identity and website to engage with potential participants, sponsors and the wider industry itself.

Being such a high profile event for the industry, the identity needed to resonate with and excite the diverse range of applicants.

Initially the awards would exist online whilst interest and sponsorship was gauged and collected. Later the branding would need to work across print, promotional items and the physical space of the ceremony itself.

With a core ethos of awarding excellence, innovation and modernity and an audience spanning multiple industry sectors and disciplines, we focused on giving the awards a memorable identity of it’s own.

With a focus on revealing talent, we also wanted to include a touch of the unexpected: something to celebrate the achievements of the skilled WordPress practitioners who put so much care, thought and expertise into crafting the exceptional.

The result: a striking, memorable identity that works well across online and print and is flexible enough to adapt to current and future touch points and systems.

Blurred interacting circles were chosen as a simple metaphor for a community that strives to push the boundaries of their chosen field, deploying multiple ideas and techniques to achieve their goals.

To frame such diversity and complexity we developed a minimal, linear logotype combined with a distinctive, bright colour palette.