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                       Shopify is a hugely popular hosted eCommerce platform that allows customers to start, grow, and manage an online retail business.

Shopify Theme Design - Fashion ecommerce site homepageShopify Theme Design - Interior Design Product PageShopify Theme Design - Interior Design Homepage

                       Through the Shopify 'Theme Store' customers can select a pre-configured design for their store. The Themes are designed to appeal to a specific business type, incorporating visual styling and features relevant to that particular industry.
                       After researching existing themes, we identified a gap for design led-retailers with a physical store.
                       We chose to present the theme in two 'styles': fashion and interior design.
                       Our research revealed an interesting trend - a sharp increase in online-only retailers opening retail stores to enhance their customers shopping experience.
                       With this insight, we wanted to help our retailers make the most of their premises though the site. To achieve this we included dedicated sections for promoting the physical store and inviting customers to visit and get involved in one off in-store events.

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